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Zincteam Trading Group is one of the active companies in Trading, Marketing, Consulting, buy and sell base metals, buy and sell row materials, import and export. It is a valid and well-known trading Co. in trading, buy and sell base metals by its professional and veteran team and management. Zincteam has done different commercial services such as commercial consulting and marketing, buy and sell base metals as zinc, copper, cobalt, nickel, brass and bronze for governmental and non-governmental industrial and commercial companies and has delivered a massive volume of its products to its custom.

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Consulting Request

Zincteam trading group is ready to consult for all activities through industry area, producing an selling base metals, raw materials and chemical materials.

Dear users can register their consult requests using following form. Zincteam trading group consulter call you to provide consult for you in the first opportunity.

Buy And Sell Request

Zincteam trading group invite all active companies in buy and sell base metals and raw materials such as zinc, copper, cobalt, nickel, brass, bronze and all related products, to cooperate.

Dear users can fill the following form, then our experts call you to cooperate.

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